How to Design a Kindness Culture

“It’s amazing how little acts of kindness give us a quiet power, a quiet sense of confidence, and they do the same thing for the people that we’re doing it for.”

Randy McNeely


There are many organisations which post their values, mission and vision statement up on a wall. However, many do not take the time to identify the behaviours needed in order to really put those beliefs into practice and build a good workplace culture. Randy McNeely understands that it does not matter what you have written. It is what you do that matters. During a period in time when civility seems to have gone out the window, he has walked away from his role in the cyber security arena and established the PEPOK Institute.


The PEPOK (Positive Engagement and Economic Power of Kindness) Institute’s focus is to bring cultural transformation solutions for organisations and individuals by using the Kindness Givers Formula. As a certified Culture-Wise Consultant what Randy advocates is quite simple – kindness is the foundation of establishing world class cultures.


The first step to taking a good culture to the next level is to codify that culture. This process begins by identifying the list of behaviours that led to the current organisational culture and establishing a methodology. In short, introducing habits and rituals around those behaviours. Once a structured systematic way has been created those behaviours can be taught and practised so they become ingrained into the DNA of the organisation.


The behaviours, which are encircled by the Circle of Kindness, have an amazing ability to strengthen professional and personal relationships and are key to success in business and in life.


Still not convinced?


Here are three questions it might be time to consider:

  1. What is the cost of not having a good culture?
  2. When morale goes down how does that affect the bottom line?
  3. When you treat your employees and customers right what happens to their loyalty?


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Around the world businesses and lives are being destroyed by anger. In Randy’s home country of the United States there are violent mass shootings, racial upheaval and division and divisiveness around the election. Randy is passionately advocating the power of kindness and has started the conversation about Societal Climate Change. He intends to be instrumental in closing a massive gap in our society. Randy might be only one person, however, just as we are all regularly informed of the ripple effect our individual actions have on protecting our planet and preventing climate change, inviting and encouraging others to introduce daily kindness habits to their day can also transform our world.


To inspire people to create the daily intentional habit of giving kindness, Randy has published his first book called The Kindness Givers’ Formula: Four Simple Steps for Restoring Light, Hope, Love, Unity and Peace to our Troubled World. He refers to the analogy of the honeybees as they have proven that small, simple acts, can make a big difference.


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The Kindness Givers Formula is not only for organisations; it has also been developed for individuals and those wanting to create a great personal brand.


Ask yourself this – when you meet people how do you ensure they will:

  1. Want to get to know you
  2. Like you
  3. Trust you


The answer is, by building good relationships.


The keystone to building relationships is ‘connection’ and the greatest way to connect is by acting in kind ways.


Will you dare to embrace kindness?


Click here if you are ready to learn exactly how to design a kindness culture and the steps involved in The Kindness Givers’ Formula 



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