The Art of Self-Mastery

“You cannot be the best at what you do without refining yourself.”

RJ Singh


RJ Singh has always had an obsessive characteristic and at 16-17 years of age, before he was equipped with discipline and strength of character, he was seduced by the thrill of gambling, fast money and alcohol. What followed was a period of carnage spent in and out of institutions, jails and rehab which was fuelled by his skewed and warped value system. He managed to cultivate a narrative of himself as being a hustler and shrewd operator. All about the angle. All about the money. After all, when you stand for nothing, you fall for everything.


During this period RJ also managed to graduate from a private U.S. university with a business degree and, at age 25, unable to untangle himself from the identity he had created, bought a one-way ticket to Australia. To accomplish his life goals he knew had to rebuild and master his mind, body and spirit and, with his green card due to expire, it was a fair probability that he would not be going back to the U.S.


This was the first connectedness to reality RJ had experienced in a long time.


Pain is a good motivator and during the process of reaching sobriety, RJ realised he had always been a very driven person, with a single-minded focus and this characteristic never left. His spirit had not changed, he had just reached a point where he recognised that he was not a well person.


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Growing up in high-risk environments fine tuned RJ’s unique ability to accurately read different situations and understand what makes people tick. He has now transferred the abilities he used to ultimately keep him alive on the streets, to get in sync with stakeholders within the business environment. RJ is currently the Director of Cora Group, an integrated freight and logistics management service although business for RJ was never an opportunity to become successful, it was an opportunity which enabled him to change his life. He is also married to Tilly, his better half exponentially and they have two young children. Where pain is a good motivator a promise provides momentum.  


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Achieving the best version of yourself starts with self-analysis and it was while RJ was completing his MBA that he began to recognise his own personal operating system. He attended a leadership weekend where participants were asked to write a paper identifying the type of leader they were striving to be. While the other participants focused their paper around becoming the CEO, CFO… etc., RJ was the only person who focused on behaviour and self-mastery. RJ has reached a period in his life where the big levers are no longer there; he is now interested in tweaking the small things.


As the founder of Ultra Habits, RJ is channelling his energy into looking at the minutia in our lives. Yes, everyone wants to look at the sexy big picture stuff, but ultimately, the secret sauce is in the minutia in our lives.


In today’s The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) Podcast, RJ chats to us about the art of self-mastery and the daily actions he engages in as he continues to lead by example. Click here to listen to the ultra-habits he commits to in order to achieve peak performance in all areas of life – this discipline has given him the reputation of being the Central Coasts version of David Goggins!


“It is what I am engaging on a day-to-day basis that enables me. Once I compound that activity day in, day out, it unlocks value. No habit in itself is ultra, it’s very much mundane. But when compounded, it has an ultra-effect.”



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