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107. What drives our decisions, behaviours and results?

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Culture of Leadership
107. What drives our decisions, behaviours and results?

In this episode, Brendan speaks with Ashkan Tashvir, the founder and CEO of Engenesis, a subsidiary aimed at actively collaborating with, and supporting, carefully chosen businesses. Ashkan is not only a philosopher and a 2x best-selling author but possesses a strong background as a technologist, venture builder, and investor. 

Ashkan delves into his writing process, his transition from non-fiction to fiction, and the impact of Persian and Russian literature on his work. The discussion also explores the human skills that subtly contribute to success, the complexities of social constructs, and the crucial role of authentic awareness. The themes of Ashkan’s latest book, “Becoming: The Emergence of Being,” are also unpacked. The episode offers insights into the dynamics of perception, reality, and the philosophy of achievement.

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Discussion Points

  • Ashkan Tashvir and his literary journey
  • The process of creating books and characters
  • Influence of Persian and Russian literature 
  • Transition from non-fiction to fiction 
  • Human skills that contribute to success
  • Different perceptions of reality and their importance
  • Unpacking the themes of ‘Becoming’
  • Gender as a complex social construct
  • Challenges faced by leaders and teams
  • Importance of authentic awareness 
  • The role of compassion in business growth 
  • The philosophy of achievement 
  • Impact of environment on awareness and authenticity
  • Ashkan’s new book and its relevance to readers
  • Insights and closing remarks
  • 3 Key Takeaways: 
    1. Confident leaders take control over their life
    2. Confident leaders have a healthy relationship with reality
    3. Confident leaders work on their blind spots
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Resources :

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Article: How the integrity of our Being is critical to an organisation’s performance – The application of the Being Framework in the workplace 

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