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113. The Art of Delegation for Effective Leadership

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Culture of Leadership
113. The Art of Delegation for Effective Leadership

Discover the art of delegation and supercharge your leadership skills in our enlightening conversation with Kevin Stansfield. We promise to break down the complexities of this overlooked but crucial aspect of leadership and business management. Experience the power of learning how to delegate efficiently and avoid the pitfalls of being the busiest person in the team.

Join us on this exciting journey as we discuss the importance of assigning business responsibilities to the right people, for the right roles, to drive profits and success. We also touch on the potentially disastrous consequences of outsourcing key roles to the wrong individuals. Our guest expert, Kevin Stansfield, with a background in finance, offers unique insights into understanding the big picture of a business and the skills required to run it successfully.

We wrap up this episode by distinguishing between abdicating and delegating, and how abdication often results from immature behavior. Learn about the importance of setting the right goals, creating a safe environment for team members to express their thoughts, and motivating everyone towards achieving a shared objective. Let’s get ready to become a master delegator and elevate your leadership game!

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Quotes from the episode:

1. “Delegation is very much a learned thing and if you stay in one organization and work your way up, your teachers are the people that are above you, and those teachers are never being taught. So what happens is we just talk bad habits.”

2. “If the manager is the busiest person amongst the team, then something’s wrong. Yeah, if the manager sitting at their desk with nothing on their desk, sitting twiddling their thumbs, then they’re doing something right because they’ve delegated and their team are working.”

3. “Abdication is easy, you know, I don’t have to think about it, I don’t have to plan, I don’t. I don’t have to worry how good Brendan is, yeah, in order to abdicate stuff to you, it’s basically right, I’ve cleared out of my head and I’ve got rid of it, so it’s not bogging me down anymore.”

4. “The key focus one is to make sure the fives that they’ve got are the best they can have at that particular time. Okay, that they are developing each one of those people and moving them forwards, supporting them, holding to account because everyone needs to be held to account, yeah, and given the resources they need to deliver the job.”

5. “Trust is at the heart of management of teams. Yeah, If we don’t have trust, then we can’t have a team. And the best book on this was Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team.”


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