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110. Leading a Social Enterprise (Foster Carer Wellbeing)

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Culture of Leadership
Culture of Leadership
110. Leading a Social Enterprise (Foster Carer Wellbeing)



Today’s episode is a very personal and important episode for my family. We are foster carers, and my inspiring and dedicated guest is Marcie McGowan, co-founder and CEO of the Hatch Project, a social enterprise aimed at revolutionizing Australia’s foster care system. Marcie shares her experiences with the foster care system and discusses the challenges it presents such as heavy regulations, power imbalances, and a fear-based system that inhibits the growth of authentic relationships. She talks about the importance of emotional intelligence, transparency, and self-development in transforming foster care. The episode delves into the Hatch Project’s unique approach, the impact it has made, and the complexities of funding and independence within the foster care system.

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Discussion Points

  • McGowan’s personal journey from working in foster care to leading change
  • Foster care system complexities and regulations
  • Importance of emotional intelligence, transparency, and self-development in foster care
  • Impact and unique approach of Hatch Project in Australian foster care
  • Administrative overload in social work and system funding complexities
  • Hatch Project’s creation and mission for disadvantaged children
  • Alternative care arrangements and breaking the intergenerational cycle in foster care
  • Challenges of fostering meaningful change within the system
  • Importance of emotional intelligence in foster care applicants
  • What makes a great foster carer?
  • Regulations and administrative work within social work
  • The complexities of the foster care system and role of leadership
  • Self-development and resilience in the foster care space
  • 3 Key Takeaways: 
    1. Confident leaders give others a voice
    2. Confident leaders have limiting beliefs
    3. Confident leaders own their own worth
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