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108. Life Purpose vs Work Purpose

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Culture of Leadership
Culture of Leadership
108. Life Purpose vs Work Purpose

In this episode, my guest is Elizabeth Rosenberg, Founder of the Good Advice Company. Elizabeth uses her own experiences of intertwining her corporate career with her mediumship, and shares her unique perspectives on the concept of purpose. Rather than focusing on achieving predetermined outcomes, she encourages living with intentionality. She discusses the influence of personal brand and childhood trauma on shaping our purpose, and how comparison culture and ego play roles in our pursuit of purpose. Elizabeth delves into the power of feedback in aligning life and work purpose, and shares how her own story has become an inspiration for her clients, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and intentionality. At one point in the interview, Elizabeth gives me a reading on my own life and work purpose.

An entrepreneur at her core, Elizabeth’s true passion lies in working with new or reimagined, cutting-edge brands that are bringing consumers products and tools that make life more enjoyable, accessible, and healthy. Based in Los Angeles, Elizabeth is also currently working on her book and speaking about her health and wellness journey while maintaining a high-profile position working with some of the best known and innovative brands in the world. She truly believes there is a future where wellness, intuition and the corporate world collide.

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Discussion Points

  • Why is this topic so important?
  • How Elizabeth found this work
  • Finding and aligning life and work purpose
  • Living with intentionality 
  • Impact of personal brand and childhood trauma 
  • Ego and comparison culture
  • Tools for aligning life and work 
  • Authenticity and intentionality 
  • Retaining joy while balancing work-life
  • Rosenberg’s journey – aligning her life and work purpose
  • Purpose beyond typical definitions
  • Personal branding 
  • Role of childhood trauma in shaping one’s purpose 
  • Inspiring others to find their purpose
  • Closing discussion on the power of feedback in aligning life and work purpose
  • 3 Key Takeaways: 
    1. Confident leaders align their life and work purpose
    2. Confident leaders embrace their stories
    3. Confident leaders are present in their journey
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