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106. Empowering Employees: Unveiling the Profit Share Plan

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
106. Empowering Employees: Unveiling the Profit Share Plan


In this episode, Brendan speaks with Rob Buffington, seasoned consultant and entrepreneur, and CEO of Gordian Staffing. Gordian Staffing provides small and medium businesses with affordable, high-quality, remote team members for open positions. 

Rob discusses his innovative business model that combines profit sharing and philanthropy. Early on, Rob had aspirations to be a pastor, but transitioned into a successful business leader, integrating his values of balance, fairness, and transparency into his company operations. The conversation delves into his experience with setting up an employee profit sharing model, managing potential drawbacks, maintaining transparency, and setting eligibility criteria. Buffington also shares his passion for philanthropy and his vision of self-sustaining charities, demonstrating how his philanthropic work has positively influenced his business. The discussion provides valuable insights for leaders looking to incentivize their employees and create a positive impact through their business practices.

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Discussion Points

  • Rob Buffington shares his innovative business model of profit sharing
  • The mechanics and implications of an employee profit-sharing model
  • From aspiring pastor to successful business mogul 
  • Setting eligibility criteria for profit sharing
  • Effects of profit sharing on Rob’s workforce 
  • Philanthropy is key as a business owner
  • Self-sustaining charities and positive influence on business
  • Key learnings – developing confident leadership
  • How profit sharing increases trust and confidence 
  • Potential drawbacks of profit sharing
  • 3 Key Takeaways: 
    1. Confident leaders believe in stewardship
    2. Confident leaders balance generosity and prudence
    3. Confident leaders foster a sense of ownership and teamwork
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