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105. 5 steps for personal and professional growth

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
105. 5 steps for personal and professional growth



In this episode, Brendan speaks with global executive coach and author Aneace Haddad as he shares his insights on personal and professional growth, leadership, and transformation. Aneace discusses the ‘five-step framework for growth’, the importance of embracing change, and the power of detaching from labels and adopting a mindset shift. Aneace also explores the balance between control and empowerment in leadership, the role of vulnerability, and the importance of curiosity in personal transformation. The episode highlights the significance of a lighthearted approach and the willingness to step into the unknown for significant growth.

Aneace Haddad guides executives into their ‘Next Season of Excellence’. With over 1,800 hours of certified coaching experience, Haddad has impacted over 300 individual leaders and aided 100 teams to realize their full potential. His global experience spans 15 diverse industries including technology, banking, insurance, energy, mining, and manufacturing across ten countries.

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Discussion Points

  • Writing another book in fiction
  • Transformation – leaders must change with their team
  • Entering the path
  • A leader’s story about commitment to safety
  • Leaders must undergo transformation to lead change 
  • Strength required to step into the unknown 
  • The ‘beautiful abyss’
  • A leader’s story – overcoming the belief that he would die young, in order to move forward
  • Exploring the five-step framework for growth 
  • Importance of a lighthearted approach to leadership journey 
  • The role of vulnerability and courage in change 
  • Detaching from labels and embracing mindset shift 
  • Authenticity and rejecting labels
  • Balancing control and empowerment in leadership 
  • Embracing curiosity for personal and professional growth 
  • Harnessing the power of mind in change 
  • Encouraging leaders to embrace personal transformation 
  • Importance of laughter and lightness in leadership journey 
  • What makes Aneace a confident leader
  • 3 Key Takeaways: 
    1. Confident leaders embrace the discomfort of transformation
    2. Confident leaders confront biases and redefine labels
    3. Confident leaders relinquish control and empower others
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