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104. How to Conduct an Effective Interview

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
104. How to Conduct an Effective Interview



In this episode, Brendan speaks with Jessica Weiss, Managing Consultant for Human Tribe Consulting and Training Company. Jess shares her insights on conducting effective interviews and leveraging behavioral-based questions. With many years of experience in the field, Jess emphasizes the importance of proper preparation and understanding an organization’s culture and values when selecting the right candidate. Her expertise in combining mental and logistical preparations, as well as team involvement, allows her to provide valuable tips and strategies for leaders to improve their interviewing skills and ultimately make better hiring decisions. Tune in and transform your interviewing game with these valuable, proven methods.

Jess is a passionate coach and facilitator who thrives helping people and businesses meet their highest potential. Jess has connected with, and positively impacted a multitude of different businesses ranging from single entrepreneurs to global organisations. She is accredited in Clifton’s StrengthFinder, Hogan Personality Profiling, and Everything DiSC Workplace Behavioural Profiling. Some of the brands that Jess has worked with include ING, Harris Farm Markets, Terry White Chemmart, Virgin Active, Business Chicks, and Lendlease.

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Discussion Points

  • Importance of a solid interview process for leaders
  • Align hiring with the organization’s current needs, culture and values
  • Properly prepare for interviews mentally and logistically
  • Know what you’re looking for in a candidate
  • Involve your team in the hiring process
  • Use behavioral-based questions to assess candidates
  • Balance prepared questions and conversation flow
  • Be aware of silence during interviews
  • Create a suitable interview environment for candidates
  • Conduct quality reference checks during hiring
  • Tap into your network for valuable information
  • Document the recruitment process for consistency
  • Offer the job strategically and professionally
  • Post-interview considerations and follow-up
  • 3 Key Takeaways: 
    1. Confident leaders prioritize a solid interview process
    2. Confident leaders ask behavioral-based questions
    3. Confident leaders trust their instincts while seeking validation
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