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103. Rookie Mistakes New Leaders Make

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Culture of Leadership
103. Rookie Mistakes New Leaders Make



In this episode, Brendan welcomes Nina Sunday, Founder of Brain Power Training and host of the Manage Self, Lead Others podcast. With over 30 years of experience, she is a certified speaking professional and an expert in leadership development. Nina is passionate about helping new leaders avoid common mistakes, build thriving cultures, and foster growth within their teams.

You’ll hear Nina share her personal leadership journey and discuss common mistakes new leaders make. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the big picture of one’s job, focusing on culture and results, and using performance coaching to build a thriving work environment. She also explores the dangers of micromanagement and laissez-faire leadership, the power of inviting team members’ suggestions, and the importance of fostering camaraderie and managing technology use in the workplace.

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Discussion Points

  • Understand the big picture of your job and focus on culture 
  • Build the capability of your team for better results 
  • Regularly conduct one-on-one meetings with team members 
  • Encourage innovation and ideas within your team 
  • Avoid micromanagement and laissez-faire leadership styles 
  • Use psychometric assessments to better understand team members 
  • Implement effective management strategies for a productive environment 
  • Foster camaraderie and manage technology use in the workplace 
  • Address performance issues with socially sensitive language 
  • Create a second curve by injecting something new into roles 
  • Offer choice when introducing new initiatives 
  • Harvest good ideas from your team and build capability 
  • Learn from past leadership mistakes and grow 
  • Use mistakes as learning opportunities for team members 
  • Develop leadership skills through various roles and experiences 
  • 3 Key Takeaways: 
    1. Confident leaders build capability
    2. Confident leaders explore innovation
    3. Confident leaders own their self-development
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