Why You Should Have A Smarketing™ Team

Why You Should Have A Smarketing Team


“Marketing really exists to create an environment where sales can occur.”

Peter Strohkorb


The seven most dangerous words in business are, ‘we have always done it this way’. Peter Strohkorb is confronting this inertia by taking teams on a journey of discovery to do better.


Peter graduated from Macquarie School of Management and has 20+ years’ experience in the corporate sector working with companies such as Sony, 3M, Computer Sciences Corporation and Dell, in both sales and marketing leadership roles. He is also qualified with the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Non-Executive Director sitting on several Company Advisory Boards.


After experiencing a number of mistakes which small, medium and large businesses make when trying to accelerate their sales results, Peter founded Peter Strohkorb Advisory. Peter now specialises in sales acceleration and Smarketing™ for the technology and service sectors in Australia, USA, Asia Pacific and Europe. Smarketing™ and the One Team Method Program is a structured Sales and Marketing Productivity Framework to help sales and marketing resources work together more effectively. Smarketing™ brings the two disciplines together for mutual benefit in this one team method and the collaboration drives sales, revenue growth, enhances customer experience and lifts employee engagement.


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Disconnection between the sales and marketing teams is such a common issue, which leads to a negative environment and atmosphere, filled with finger pointing and blame shifting. This is toxic and can poison the culture of the organisation. Peter saw this as a ubiquitous problem and set about to create a structured program which focused on establishing a common goal; ultimately answering the question as to why you should have a Smarketing™ Team. By connecting the two teams, Peter removes the ‘silos’ in organisations.


Smarketing™ is about doing ‘better’ and Peter leads this mindset change with a multi-step program which first takes leaders on a quest of self-discovery, rather than approaching with a direct ‘let me show you what you need to do’ mentality. Peter says, “If I can help you to go on a journey of discovery and find out how you can improve yourself and actually help make it your idea, then that helps everybody.”


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The benefits of Smarketing™ teamwork are clear:

  • A collaborative team creates a cohesive environment
  • Attract a much higher calibre of expertise to the organisation
  • Higher productivity and less waste
  • Better customer experience
  • Efficient systems that are user friendly
  • Better ROI on your technology
  • The results = more sales, higher revenue and larger profits


Peter remains extremely passionate about adding value to organisations within the sales and marketing sector and, with his vast experience in this space, it will come as no surprise that he is a published author.


Peter’s two books are:


Join us here, at The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) Podcast, as our conversation delves into the productivity trinity of people, process and technology (which Peter discusses in both books). Hear about the 360 Degree Review, as well as learn more about the details of his free tool called the Smarketing Questionnaire. Does your marketing team have a good understanding of what marketing material is being used by the high-performing salespeople and how they use it?


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