Authentic Awareness and Other Human Skills That Contribute to Success

What drives our decisions, behaviours, and results? It all comes down to a profound sense of authentic awareness of ourselves and a deep understanding of the various facets that shape our existence.

In this blog, we will talk about my key takeaways during a captivating conversation with Ashkan Tashvir, the founder and CEO of Engenesis, a renowned philosopher, and two-time bestselling author, who brings a diverse background as a technologist, venture builder, and investor. 

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The Three Different Layers Of Reality 

Authentic awareness is the approach to understanding what you consider true and how you explore reality and its different layers. It’s about how you react when faced with something you don’t understand. This is the foundation for finding and implementing solutions. Without a deep understanding of their behaviour and interactions, leaders may struggle to recognise and address similar issues in others.

  1. Objective Reality: This layer of reality is shaped by our perceptions and experiences. Objective reality includes absolute facts, like the laws of the universe, such as gravity. For instance, we know for a fact that an airplane doesn’t defy gravity; it works by understanding and following the laws of physics. While we can’t access all the absolute truths of the world directly, striving to authentically understand fragments of reality is crucial.
  2. Shared or Social Reality: This layer involves personal views brought into group settings, evolving through negotiation. A shared reality can be constructed, even if it’s not grounded in objective reality, as long as enough people endorse and support it. Effective leaders understand that their role is to foster collaboration and negotiation among team members, turning individual ideas into collective actions.
  3. Personal Reality: In this layer, individuals create their own ideas and perceptions, even if not based on actual events. Your perception is just one part of the larger picture. For instance, imagine your partner acting a certain way, and you wonder if they meant something by it. That’s your personal story, your unique take on the situation. However, it’s not the whole truth. Your perception is just one part of the larger picture. 


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Looking VS. Seeing

Let’s differentiate between looking and seeing. When you look, you’re merely perceiving something through your senses, a basic form of perception. But seeing or observing adds intention and effort to that perception. It’s about being fully present and attentive.

A lack of awareness leaves entrepreneurs merely “looking” at opportunities without fully “seeing” the potential that exists. Consider an HR manager or an organisational leader tasked with hiring new employees. It’s common to evaluate candidates based on their visible skills and qualifications. However, to achieve true success, leaders must recognise that deeper qualities play a significant role in performance.

Effective leaders learn to recognise and appreciate these qualities in their interactions with people. These deeper qualities include how individuals handle anxiety, vulnerability, or their true intentions in their work. Additionally, every individual brings a unique contribution that can’t be easily replaced. 


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Human Skills That Contribute to Success

Effective leaders not only acknowledge challenges but also possess the skills and mindset to overcome them. Here are some important human skills that contribute to an individual’s success.

Commitment: In any relationship, commitment is crucial. It goes beyond fidelity and extends to keeping promises and agreements. Breaking these agreements can erode trust and damage relationships.

Vulnerability: Vulnerability should not be seen as a weakness. It’s about owning your vulnerabilities and understanding that everyone has their own vulnerabilities. A healthy relationship with vulnerability involves considering it when making critical decisions.

Assertiveness: A healthy relationship with assertiveness means being straightforward and transparent in your communication. You avoid threats or manipulation and are open about your intentions. You confidently express your needs and expectations regarding desired outcomes. 

Intention: Intention is at the heart of our desires and the pursuit of fulfilment. It’s a shared human experience to care about specific things. To embody intention effectively, we must be aware of the need for effectiveness in our efforts, decisions, and actions.


Achieving Goals with Authentic Awareness

Authentic awareness is about truly understanding yourself. When you possess authentic awareness, you can not only grow as an individual but also improve your relationships and compassion for others. When you understand authentic awareness, you can set and reach your personal goals. It also empowers you to make a bigger impact in partnerships and compassion. 

Having this self-awareness is crucial because it helps you identify the problems. This concept aligns with the essence of entrepreneurship, which involves moving resources from less productive areas to more productive ones, ultimately driving economic growth and development. 


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Confident leaders assert control over their lives. The “Being” profile, an assessment tool, helps measure your relationship with various qualities. Understanding these connections empowers you to be more intentional in taking control of your life. 

Ashkan’s latest book, “Becoming: The Emergence of Being,” serves as a focal point, providing insights into perception dynamics, reality, and the philosophy of achievement. 

We uncover a lot more about authentic awareness in our podcast. You can listen to the whole episode here.

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