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44. Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
44. Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace



Often, the impression of a company’s Human Resources department and the people who work there is on the negative side. However, Erica Johnson is trying to change that through her work as Head of Diversity, Equity and Belonging at Chime. After personally experiencing moments in her career that made her feel alienated, Erica understands how important it is to stop that from happening with others. She now lives and breathes the idea of making sure that all the different voices in the company are heard and all the same opportunities are available to everyone in the workplace regardless of their race, gender or ethnicity. She explains why it’s worthwhile for companies to do the hard work from the moment they hire their very first employee. Also pointing out that this process is not a “once-off” project to implement and “be done with”, but rather an ongoing culture that needs to be instilled in the business. Continuing to do the hard work on an ongoing basis will ensure that all employees feel included even as the company grows. Erica believes that this mindset boosts the potential of – and holds endless benefits for companies who get it right.

While inclusion and diversity in the workplace may be a trending topic at the moment – Erica makes it clear that it is not just a passing fad. DEI is here to stay and it needs to be seen as an important part of success in businesses – and why not? It means you actually care about the people who dedicate their time towards building your business! 

It is always inspiring to listen to someone who is clearly very passionate and dedicated to their field and listening to Erica sharing her thoughts on diversity equity and inclusion, is no different. 


Discussion Points:

  • What is diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Why aren’t all companies focusing on this?
  • What is Erica’s measure of personal success at Chime?
  • The importance of employee nicknames.
  • Keeping Focused on Diversity continuously 
  • A culture of DEI is not just for big companies
  • Diversity management is not just an HR fad
  • Challenges in Erica’s role in DEI at Chime
  • Leading the change through Empathy
  • How Erica got into the role 
  • Making sure your motivation is right



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