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93. Top 10 Leadership Development Tips for 2023

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Culture of Leadership
93. Top 10 Leadership Development Tips for 2023



In this episode, Brendan and producer Marc Charette review the top ten takeaways from all our fascinating guest interviews of 2022.  

Every one of our top takeaways focuses on experiences, both good and bad, and touches on the most important behaviors and qualities that make excellent leaders. Being deliberate, observing, listening, being intentional, authentic, and accountable, making tough but fair decisions – each one of our guests over the last year left us with invaluable stories based on their personal journeys that we can all benefit from. We recommend going back and listening to the episodes that pique your interest. We’re excited to bring you many more valuable podcast episodes in 2023 to help build confident leaders around the globe. 

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Discussion Points

  • #1 Leaders lead themselves first – your relationship with yourself (Episode 84 Matty Elliot)
  • #2 Leaders lead with purpose- taking deliberate steps (Episode 81 Alex Lee)
  • #3 Leaders ask for help – it’s a mindset (Episode 74 Ethan Holland)
  • #4 Leaders have genuine conversations – intent creates opportunity (Episode 68 Gloria Tabi)
  • #5 Leaders create a feedback culture – being deliberate about asking for feedback (Episode 80 Leisa Molloy)
  • #6 Leaders make time to observe culture – take time to observe people in their environment (Episode 89 Matt Kelly)
  • #7 Leaders focus on clarity over certainty – get clarity on next steps even though the future is uncertain (Episode 72 Scott Farlow)
  • #8 Leaders focus on high-value activities – do what you are an expert at, and provide value for your organizations (Episode 77 David Meerman Scott)
  • #9 Leaders choose accountability over popularity – make the tough decisions, set clear expectations, be fair (Episode 86 Dan Cockerell)
  • #10 Leaders learn from their experiences – both failures and successes (Episode 67 Taras Kobernyk)
  • Why not earmark a few of our episodes to review throughout the year to improve your leadership skills?


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