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92. Top 3 Leadership Challenges in the Workplace (2023)

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
92. Top 3 Leadership Challenges in the Workplace (2023)



In this episode, Brendan is interviewed by producer Marc Charette about challenges being faced by leaders as we enter 2023.  You’ll hear Brendan’s take on the new normal of the working environment, and finding and retaining great employees. 

The changes that Covid forced into reality continue to challenge leaders around the globe. Establishing your company’s work environment, and taking remote and hybrid work into consideration will be one of the main challenges for the coming year.  If leaders ignore their employees’ wishes to work from home or with a hybrid setup, they will lose a good percentage of excellent staff members.  That brings up our second biggest challenge, finding the right staff members for your team. You need a well-selected human system to run your business.  Thirdly, retaining excellent employees is the other major challenge we discuss in this episode. 

We’re excited to bring you many more valuable podcast episodes in 2023 to help build confident leaders around the globe. Tune in and subscribe to future episodes of The Culture of Leadership.

Discussion Points

  • #1 Challenge – Work environments
  • Covid changes forcing a new reality
  • Taking steps in 2023 – what should leaders do? Be deliberate.
  • Determining your work environment for 2023 and beyond- it’s not one-size-fits-all
  • Elon Musk
  • Pros and cons of on-premise work
  • Asking questions and listening
  • #2 Challenge – Staffing – hiring and retention
  • Unemployment is very low in Australia and many other countries right now
  • Remote work is the new standard, it’s not a ‘bonus’ anymore
  • Human systems for business
  • Succession planning, adding value
  • #3 Challenge – Leadership competence
  • Awareness and becoming a better leader
  • 2023 will bring plenty of great new podcast episodes to help create confident leaders


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