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69. The Primal Video Leadership Journey

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69. The Primal Video Leadership Journey



Today I’m speaking with Justin Brown, Co-Founder (with his brother Mike) of Primal Video.  Primal Video teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to leverage the power of online video to build and scale their businesses.

Justin and Mike have grown their Primal Video Youtube channel from zero to over a million subscribers over the last seven years. Join us for a deep dive into what makes their company and partnership work, their philosophies on team building and finding the right team members to hire, and the ways that the brothers add value for viewers every day, through every video, and every point of contact with their audience.

As a self-proclaimed “beach geek” from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Justin has over 20 years of experience in video production and has worked on everything from Netflix-featured documentaries, to extreme sports projects. Primal Video has evolved into a multi-six-figure automation-driven business, and they now help others (I am a client myself) implement the same approach through their Primal Video Accelerator program.

Discussion Points

  • The humble beginnings: making videos simply to help people
  • What was the “penny drop” moment for you and Mike?
  • Tell us about your early days, and is there an end game?
  • How has a piece of “brutal” feedback actually helped you improve your videos?
  • Justin explains how they hire using Meyers-Briggs and other personality tests to get the right fit
  • Extreme ownership and integrity 
  • Justin and Mike’s partnership and how it functions
  • Justin’s near-death sky diving experience
  • What were some of your worst videos and why?
  • How “being found” is the most important stepping stone to achieving Youtube success
  • Don’t try to have a presence on all socials– focus on one or two
  • Some examples of difficult clients and painful failures
  • How being open to constantly learning is the most important aspect of Justin’s leadership style
  • The Five Laws in the Go-Giver Book:
    • Law of Value
    • Law of Compensation
    • Law of Influence
    • Law of Authenticity
    • Law of Reciprocity
  • Key takeaways: 
    • Leaders Are Clear on Purpose and Passion
    • Leaders Know There’s Always a Next Level
    • Leaders Mitigate Risk


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