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50. The Culture of Advisory Boards

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50. The Culture of Advisory Boards



In today’s episode – the 50th episode of The Culture of Leadership, Brendan’s guest is Jo Hanlon. Jo is an expert business coach and mentor in the area of boosting productivity and opening communication channels and cultivating positive workplace culture. She runs a business called “Mind Your Ps” (referring to People, Productivity and Potential). They are a team of consultants who provides HR Coaching to employers and business owners, specialising in helping these leaders get the best out of themselves and their team. 

Brendan chats to Jo about the role that advisory boards play in a business environment and why a business owner would want to put together an advisory board in the first place. She shares some really interesting insights on what you should have in place as a business before starting to work with an advisory board to ensure you get the most ‘bang for your buck’. Advisory boards work best when the business owner has a clear idea of the outcomes they wish to achieve from the process. Jo points out that it is also important to be open to new ideas and changes when you are considering putting an advisory board together to solve a problem for your business.

Advisory boards aren’t suitable in all businesses or in all situations but there are a lot of businesses that could greatly benefit from implementing such a structure – and with Jo being an expert in this fairly new field in business, this episode is a great place to get started if you are looking to find out more about advisory boards.

Discussion Points

  • Jo’s background
  • What is an advisory board?
  • What sort of business can benefit from an advisory board?
  • Challenges that warrant an advisory board
  • Criteria and requirements for advisory board members
  • The Importance (or not) of teamwork in advisory boards
  • Governance board vs advisory board
  • Where to find information around advisory boards
  • Situations that would not benefit from an advisory board
  • Why networking is important to Jo
  • Situations where a business uses both a governance board and an advisory board
  • When a business should grow from a sole consultant to an advisory board
  • Cons around advisory boards
  • Advice for businesses considering advisory boards
  • Become an advisor 
  • The cost of an advisory board


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