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35. Being Stronger Than My Excuses

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35. Being Stronger Than My Excuses


Julie Watson is the General Manager & Founder of ‘Stronger Than My Excuses’.

She is a successful Central Coast businesswoman for over 30 years and author of two e-Books. Julie now helps people to find their own inspiration through the ‘Stronger Than My Excuses’ presentations and Web TV panel discussions.

After overcoming her own health and financial adversities and being able to work from anywhere in the world, Julie is well positioned to offer solutions based on real life experiences.

As Julie says, “It’s easy to be motivated while someone is giving us these pep-talks, but the moment we walk out the door, the motivation begins to fade. Julie will give you tools to help you physically move, to take action and to simply get started. No Excuses.” 

The focus of our conversation today is ‘Being Stronger Than My Excuses’.


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Stronger Than My Excuses


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