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31. Leadership Through The Lens Of Execution

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31. Leadership Through The Lens Of Execution


Monte Pedersen is the Principal of The CDA Group which is a leadership training firm that specialises in strategy execution management. A completely operations-based system and process that helps leaders achieve their strategic initiatives and get better at it every year.

Monte believes that most businesses excel at creating the plan for what they want to achieve, and that nobody understands or carries those aspirations better than CEO’s, Senior Leaders and Business Owners.

Monte says, where problems arise is when the business fails to execute on the plan and team members don’t understand what is expected of them.

That’s why he created the CDA Group to help leaders execute on the plan and ensure team members know exactly what is expected of them. He is dedicated to the concept of “Execution Mastery” or the process of Clarifying, Deploying and Achieving organisational initiatives.

Monte is also a regular contributor in the LinkedIn community and writes regular thoughtful posts covering culture, leadership, teamwork all wrapped into managing execution. His posts have fantastic engagement levels.

The focus of our conversation is ‘Leadership through the lens of execution’.


Leadership through the lens of Execution


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