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121. Spirituality, Trauma, and Power Dynamics in Leadership and Personal Growth

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Culture of Leadership
Culture of Leadership
121. Spirituality, Trauma, and Power Dynamics in Leadership and Personal Growth

Does the word ‘spirituality’ make you skeptical, especially when mentioned in the business environment? Well, our guest, Rachel Rider, is here to break those barriers. With her refreshing take on executive coaching and leadership development, Rachel intertwines the seemingly disparate realms of spirituality and leadership. Listen in as she recounts her personal journey from the tough task of handling dismissals to becoming an advocate for inner exploration. With her, we demystify the intriguing intersection of spirituality and leadership, which is often met with skepticism in the corporate world.

Trauma is an invisible monster that often goes unnoticed in the hustle of the professional world. This episode won’t let it lurk in the shadows, as we discuss the often overlooked subject of trauma in the workplace and the transformative power of trauma-informed coaching. We understand that personal struggles can masquerade as professional hurdles, and acknowledging these can lead to personal growth and eventual success. We also delve into the power dynamics and relationships in the workplace, underscoring the critical role of candid and strong team relationships in fostering organizational triumph.

Are you making decisions under the influence of urgency? It’s not uncommon, but it’s not always healthy. We explore the impact of these ‘workplace demons’ on decision-making and team dynamics. We provide insights into how understanding and managing these factors can change the game. We also touch upon how biases influence our actions and the role strong relationships play in overcoming them. We round off our enlightening discussion with a focus on visualization and its transformative power, as shared by our cricket-loving guest, Rachel. So buckle up for this journey of introspection and understanding, and learn to thrive not just professionally, but personally too.

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