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119.Emotional Intelligence: A Game Changer in Leadership

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Culture of Leadership
Culture of Leadership
119.Emotional Intelligence: A Game Changer in Leadership

What if emotional intelligence held the key to effective leadership? What if it could be the differentiator in conversations and interactions, more significant than cognitive intelligence? Join us as we navigate these intriguing questions with our special guest, Robin Hills, a veteran in the pharmaceutical industry and the founder of EI4Change.

In our engaging conversation with Robin, he shares his unique perspective on how emotional intelligence shapes our interactions and relationships. From his experiences in the pharmaceutical industry, he reveals how emotional intelligence impacted his conversations with doctors. As we move into leadership, Robin discusses the essential role of emotional intelligence in adapting to changing relationships and circumstances. He shares personal anecdotes and insights, elucidating why it’s crucial to develop this skill and its emerging prominence in the age of artificial intelligence.

As we wrap up our discussion, we delve into practical strategies for improving emotional intelligence, emphasizing the need for continuous development. Robin shares his journey of learning from mistakes and the importance of self-awareness and reflection. We also explore the potential pitfalls of low emotional intelligence and highlight the significance of being open to different perspectives. This podcast episode underscores the immense value of emotional intelligence, not just in leadership, but in all aspects of life. Tune in to learn, reflect, and grow with us in this enlightening journey.

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