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115. Entrepreneurship Unveiled: Sangeeta Maltchandami’s Incredible Leap from Corporate to Startup!”

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Culture of Leadership
Culture of Leadership
115. Entrepreneurship Unveiled: Sangeeta Maltchandami's Incredible Leap from Corporate to Startup!"

Stepping into the entrepreneurial world can be a daunting journey, riddled with uncertainties and the fear of the unknown. Just as I did, today’s guest, Sangeeta Mulchandani, founder of Jumpstart Studio, faced these challenges head-on, transforming from a corporate stalwart into a successful businesswoman. Sangeeta unfolds her intriguing voyage from working at banking to becoming an influential mentor and entrepreneur, shedding light on the captivating charm of steering your own ship and the essential role of dependable allies in the business ecosystem.

Sangeeta’s relatable story of being an international student in Australia, with aspirations of securing a corporate job despite limited local experience, is a testament to her resilience. She narrates her triumph reaching the pinnacle of her corporate career, only to realize the need to contribute back to the community for her success to bear meaning. The episode further delves into her journey, as she transitioned from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, overcoming challenges, and embracing the power of a shift in mindset to take control of her life and effect a change.

Towards the end of our conversation, we delve into the crucial role of networking in the startup ecosystem, and Sangeeta generously shares her nuggets of wisdom on finding the right mentors and advisors. Don’t miss out as we explore her journey of self-discovery as an entrepreneur, discussing the importance of cultural intelligence and curiosity in managing multicultural teams. Get ready for an episode jam-packed with practical insights and inspiring tales of entrepreneurial transformation. Tune in now!

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