How a Leaders Motive Impacts Team Dynamics

How a Leaders Motive Impacts Team Dynamics


“Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses, make sure you spend time to understand what they are about as an individual.”

Tracey Dean


How do you create an environment where people feel valued?


For Tracey Dean the key traits of a leader are that they show the care factor, both with their choice of words and the actions they portray. During her 25 years working in the financial world, Tracey has seen how crucial it is to create a culture where employees feel valued. All team members need to be heard and have the opportunity to contribute to the purpose of the organisation, regardless of the position they hold.


Tracey is a human-centred Accountant who is passionate about the continual improvement of the accounting and finance functions in organisations and uses this information for refining the strategic business decision-making process. She began her career as a Corporate Accountant and Tax Manager at McDonalds Head Office and for the last 10 years has focused on her consultancy business as Founder and Director of BTS Accounting Services. Tracey has also held the position of Chief Financial Officer for a K-12 independent school.


It is only natural that Tracey’s professional relationship with her clients is built on strong and trusted foundations as her number one focus is putting people first. She is committed to her core responsibility which is helping her clients. This is achieved by adding value with numbers and in providing them with information that allows business improvement and growth. Tracey is passionate about helping people find happiness with their professional work/life environment and gets satisfaction from seeing people ultimately enjoy what they are doing within their business. She approaches her role by first taking the time to listen to the whole story. Tracey then takes an active part in their journey through accounting processes as well as supporting the leaders in creating an environment where the team is happy.


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Kindness is at the top of Tracey’s list when it comes to articulating the traits which make a strong leader along with compassion and honesty. Leaders set the tone and today our conversation revolves around some of the key fundamentals which are a part of every successful business story such as:

  • Investing time
  • Being adaptive to change
  • Scheduling difficult conversations
  • Providing transparency and honesty
  • Always being respectful
  • Asking for help


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Join us for today’s episode which explores How a Leaders Motive Impacts Team Dynamics as we delve into the importance of asking key questions such as “How can I help?” “How can I support you?” and “What value can I add to that?”


During our conversation we refer to terminology highlighted from a book written by Patrick Lencioni called ‘The Motive and discuss the fine line between Responsibility-based Leadership, which has a core value of putting people first and Reward-based Leadership which can lead to people questioning a leader’s motive – click here if you are curious to uncover which concept you align with…


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