A Business Couples Secret Sauce

“Work out your lane and then stick with that; play to your strengths.”

Ariel Endean


With 25 years as a couple in business, Marcus Nicholls and Ariel Endean have bought, built, managed and sold a seven-figure business without it costing them their relationship. They are committed learners for life and are living proof of the power behind the motto stronger together as they have achieved their success with the person they love most by their side, in business and in life.


Embarking on building a successful business as a couple begins with a conversation. Two of the fundamental steps a couple needs to be clear on before investing time and money on establishing a business is confirming the end goal and vision is aligned, as well as having an honest look at the strength of the relationship and level of established communication.


It is also essential to get clear on identifying each partner’s strengths and weaknesses.


Marcus has a good understanding of numbers and the business lateral, so his role involves managing the financials. He loves meeting people and brings a caring and ethical element to the business. His hardworking nature is considered both a strength and a weakness and after running a business which operates 24/7, of which they resided onsite, he has learnt the value of celebrating the wins.


It is Marcus’ fault that Ariel has found herself in this “entrepreneurial mess”, thanks to his “Jedi mind tricks”. While Marcus was the person with the big vision and strong drive to be his own boss, she began the journey as the side helper. Ariel is the creative thinker and her strengths include creating structures and systems as well as being good with people. She is committed to quality and while Marcus may have infiltrated her head in the beginning, she has now well and truly been infected with the “entrepreneurial bug”.


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Ariel and Marcus are people who go the extra mile and one of the many valuable lessons they have learnt is the importance of recognising ‘red flags’. Sadly, Ariel had to ‘run into a brick wall’, by becoming unwell with burnout and unable to function, to learn that lesson. This has strengthened their resolve to establish a better way of operating as a business couple and the pair now spend their time helping people avoid getting to that point.


While there are plenty of business coaches, consultants, speakers and authors supporting business leaders, Ariel and Marcus discovered that no one was talking about business couples, even though they make up a huge proportion of business owners. So, they formed a consultancy business called Business Couples Success. They now work with business couples and help them maximise their profits, improve their systems and strengthen communication throughout their business and relationship. They have taken one more step in their quest to hone this niche by establishing the Business Couples Secret Sauce Podcast where they interview successful business couples to uncover their tricks, tips and stories around how to build a successful business while not destroying their personal relationship. This is where you will find out the answers to common questions such as “how many couples allow business in the bedroom?”


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Are you dreaming of being a business couple yet aren’t quite ready to commit to the cost and commitment of one-on-one coaching?


Join us here on The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) Podcast to hear exactly why business couples need to schedule in regular and frank discussions and learn the specific questions which need to be addressed to avoid running headfirst into that notorious brick wall!


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