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88. How to Stand Out as a Leader

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How to inspire others as a leader
Culture of Leadership
88. How to Stand Out as a Leader



In today’s episode, the tables are turned on host Brendan Rogers as he is interviewed by producer Marc Charette about the future of The Culture of Leadership podcast.  Brendan’s interviews so often center around the essentials of building leadership. It is this focus that is driving a pivot in the focus of the podcast.  In subsequent episodes, Brendan will be diving deeper into his “People System” which focuses on building great leaders. There are three key elements that drive 8 essentials of a successful business in this system, and today Marc and Brendan will touch on some of the basic tenets of the People System that will help people ‘stand out as leaders.’

Stay tuned for future episodes of the podcast which will now be entitled: The Culture of Leadership!

Discussion Points

  • The People System – Three elements, powering the 8 essentials of business:
    1. Connecting with people
    2. Galvanizing teams
    3. Elevating individuals
  • What Culture of Things guests are saying and what they are NOT saying
  • Historic leaders – Mandela, Jobs, Mother Teresa
  • First element – the ability to connect with people – connection and trust building – spending time, having conversations, learning about them personally
  • The coffee server making eye contact with Brendan for a connection
  • Second element -Galvanizing around common goals
  • Listening is integral to all three elements – being interested, asking questions
  • Open vs. closed questions
  • “P” in the People System is for ‘practice’
  • Third and final element  – Elevate
  • Leaders need to help others to achieve what they are capable of “where they’re at”
  • Uncovering honesty and truth – the new future of The Culture of Leadership
  • Energizing people – giving them the confidence to achieve
  • The Culture of Leadership moving forward
  • Metronomics and the Entrepreneurial Operating System 
  • One of the “E’s” in the People System is Educate – learning from experience
  • Stay tuned for future episodes focusing solely on leadership


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