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96. Living Life with a Second Chance

by | Mar 6, 2023 | 0 comments

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96. Living Life with a Second Chance



Statistically, very few people have had the type of life-changing event that you’ll hear today’s guest talk about. Speaker and filmmaker Brett Connellan, of Honest Boys Productions, joins the podcast to talk about being attacked by a shark on his surfboard, nearly losing his life, his second chance, and what he’s doing with it.

You’ll hear Brett describe his surf-obsessed life before the attack, the incredible story of what happened on that fateful day in 2016, his realizations and goal-setting after the attack, the lessons he learned through his recovery, his challenging path conquering his fears around getting back in the water, and how he found his purpose helping others by telling his story. 

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Discussion Points

  • “Before” Brett’s life-changing moment in 2016 – surfing was everything in his life
  • The moment of attack, the escape, and the aftermath – set Brett on a new course
  • Loneliness and isolation in the hospital 
  • The doctor’s prognosis vs. his physiotherapist Scott’s ambitious goals for Brett’s life
  • Brett’s competitive and ambitious personality as a surfer helped his recovery
  • Advice from a fellow injured surfer – tiny gains each day are enough
  • Shooting the documentary in Hawaii – the sweet/sour/banana of the day
  • Advice for people who experience life-altering events – it’s not about what happens, it’s how you respond
  • Having an impact speaking to groups and a new focus on mental health 
  • Making the documentary – purpose vs goals
  • The greatest lesson – having a reason for your daily actions
  • Paddling across the 2000ft+ deep Hawaiian channel
  • Conquering fears – both irrational and realistic
  • Good stories inspire Brett
  • Looking into 2023 – growth, the documentary, and a tv pilot
  • 3 Key Takeaways: 
    • Leaders set lofty goals
    • Leaders concentrate on the little things
    • Leaders know circumstances don’t define them


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