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91. How to Lead with Transparency

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
91. How to Lead with Transparency



Today’s guest is Hailley Griffis, Head of Communications and Content at Buffer, a social media management software aimed at helping creators and small businesses build their brands. For years now, Buffer has operated as a totally “transparent” organization.  Internally, employees have visibility into everything the company does, and what other departments are doing, and every employee’s work is open to their teammates for comments, assistance, and feedback.  Externally, the company publishes all its financials including revenue and employee salaries for anyone to see.

Hailley takes us through Buffer’s processes and gives some tips and tricks for creating a transparent environment in your own workplace.  It has to start from the top.  She also shares how transparency has carried over into her personal life and the pros and cons she has found in being transparent with her friends and family.

Hailley Griffis is also the co-host of MakeWorkWork, a podcast about career growth, creative work, and striving to be better. Originally from Canada, she now lives near Nashville, Tennessee with her family and their various pets. When she’s not on the internet, Hailley spends her time reading fiction, making vegan desserts, and doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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Discussion Points

  • Transparency at Buffer
  • Who thrives in that environment?
  • Risks of transparency – privacy
  • Finding the right people to work in a transparent environment
  • A day in the life of a transparent leader
  • Trust, vulnerability, and transparency
  • Can you be too transparent?
  • Remote work vs. in-person communication and transparency
  • PR and trust in sharing information
  • Mentoring young leaders in the art of transparency
  • Documentation is key
  • Transparency in your personal life- the pros and cons
  • Hailley’s summary of transparent leadership
  • Where to start in your own organization – it has to start at the top
  • It takes some extra steps to be fully transparent and have people be able to understand the information
  • Becoming a more confident leader – own up to mistakes, learn from others
  • Three Key Takeaways:
    1. Leaders lead with transparency
    2. Leaders know transparency requires patience and persistence
    3. Leaders listen to their team



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