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9. The Culture of COVID-19

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Culture of Leadership
9. The Culture of COVID-19


The Culture of COVID-19.

In this episode, the roles are reversed. Brendan is the interviewee, and he is being interviewed by Quang Ngyuen, from QN Coaching & Training. Quang asked Brendan to come onto a video series he is running during the COVID-19 period to talk about culture, leadership and teamwork and the impact this crisis is having in these areas.

During this episode, Brendan shares his definition of culture and the impact leaders have on it. He talks about the level of support needed for new leaders, the impact of remote working, and he shares his number one piece of advice for all leaders.

Quang also shares a great story about his time as an assistant principal and one of his key learnings.

Sit back and enjoy as Quang opens up the conversation….


If you have any questions for Brendan around this episode or generally around culture, leadership or teamwork, feel free to contact him here.

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