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87. Building Relationships at Work with Gary De Rodriguez

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
87. Building Relationships at Work with Gary De Rodriguez



My guest today is Gary De Rodriguez, CEO of Peopleistic. Recognized as an internationally acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence and known as the People Mechanic, Gary De Rodriguez has had over 35 years of experience in designing and integrating the most influential models of psychology-based systems of success in leadership, human behavior, relationships, communication, and team dynamics.

Gary has trained and studied with Indian mystics, a Lakota medicine woman, and the Aboriginal law keeper for all the tribes of Western Australia, the Kahunas of the Hawaiian Islands, and the Incan shamans of Peru. He has privately coached over 11,600 people worldwide and is internationally recognized as the go-to person for personal and professional breakthroughs. 

You’ll hear about Gary’s personal breakthrough after a Donovan concert, his own experiences with generational trauma, how trauma (and perceived trauma) manifests in the body and mind, and how leaders need to dig deep enough to resolve their own unconscious belief systems that may be holding them back from becoming respected, successful leaders of their organizations.

Discussion Points

  • Gary changed his life after a transformational Donovan concert
  • Unresolved generational trauma, anchoring love to pain and abandonment
  • The AIDS crisis, rebirthing, hypnosis, and neurolinguistic programming
  • Creating a sanctuary at the workplace – starts with leadership
  • Values are often unconscious
  • Coaching often doesn’t dive deep enough to resolve your trauma
  • Every organ has an emotion attached to it, and early emotional trauma can lead to diseases
  • The Reticular Activating System (RAS)
  • Unraveling your unconscious trauma or perceived trauma
  • There is more information now in the world about unpacking your subconscious than ever before
  • If a leader is not respected, they become ineffectual
  • Success patterns for top performers in any position – testing for a percentage match in new hires
  • 7 qualities assessed in success patterns
  • Hidden triggers for leaders that they must address for success
  • A success story – Gary’s coaching of an Aussie company
  • Objections from people when using these tools – some people don’t care enough, they’re disillusioned or angry
  • Daily meditation, studying with a living master in India, making an impact on human lives, finding your purpose
  • The miraculous four-day vision quest that had a great impact early in Gary’s career and completely aligned him, and returned him to himself
  • Ask to be guided, trust your gut
  • Brendan and his wife’s experience helping foster kids overcome trauma
  • My key takeaways
    1. Leadership is a responsibility
    2. Leaders prioritize relationships
    3. Leaders create sanctuary
  • Let me know your personal reflections 


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