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80. Feedback Conversations with Leisa Molloy

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Culture of Leadership
80. Feedback Conversations with Leisa Molloy



Have you received feedback from a leader that was vague, wishy-washy, or perhaps really harsh?  Were you upset, confused, or hurt by what they told you?  There are good and bad ways to deliver feedback to team members or employees.  

My guest today is Leisa Molloy, a workplace psychologist, consultant, coach, and founder of Flourishing Minds Consulting.  Flourishing Minds is a boutique organizational psychology consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations, leaders, and teams to build stronger levels of leadership capability, alignment, trust, clarity, and psychological safety. 

Leisa has spent more than 17 years helping leaders navigate important workplace conversations. In this episode, we speak about the three different types of feedback, what a good and bad feedback conversation looks like, how to prepare for a feedback conversation and the very real risks of providing vague or ineffective feedback. Leisa also shares a step-by-step process that will help you immensely the next time you’re required to give feedback to one of your team members.

Discussion Points

  • The worst kind of feedback is that which is never given!
  • Poor/ineffective feedback is vague, wishy-washy, or uses generic cliches like “you should be more strategic”
  • Types of feedback:
    • Appreciative
    • Constructive/coaching
    • Evaluative against deliverables/roles
  • How appreciative feedback can go wrong
  • Types of appreciative feedback:
    • Meeting your goals
    • Your good attitude
    • Your great personal qualities
  • Where responsibility lies for providing feedback
  • The intent vs. the impact of feedback
  • Conflict debt– issues not addressed build tension, impact teams
  • Setting precedent right away with new hires/team members
  • Asking open-ended questions – should be “what” and “how” not “why”
  • Taking the heat out of feedback sessions– give options, come back tomorrow, sit with it
  • What happens next after feedback?
  • Communicating feedback over digital platforms is not advised
  • How to pass on “third-party” feedback to an employee
  • Definition of “team” vs. “individual contributors”
  • An example of a feedback session that went poorly for Leisa
  • Who has had the greatest impact on you with feedback? 
  • My key takeaways: 
    • Leaders create a feedback culture 
    • Leaders prepare for feedback conversations
    • Leaders are clear on what success looks like
  • Contact me with questions or comments


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