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7. Leadership Lessons in a Crisis

by | May 11, 2020 | 6 comments

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Culture of Leadership
7. Leadership Lessons in a Crisis


Leadership Lessons in a Crisis.

In this interview, we focus on the leadership lessons Matt Spindler has learnt during the crisis of COVID-19, also called Coronavirus.

Matt is a partner and co-owner of MCS Partners which is an Accounting firm on the Central Coast, NSW.

Matt is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years experience working with small and medium businesses.

His key areas of focus are SME tax & accounting, business sales & acquisition, business structures, business restructures, business development and SMSF tax & compliance.

Listen in to hear what Matt learnt about leadership during this crisis.

Leadership Lessons in a crisis - Matt Spindler


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  1. Clignett Sara

    Great Podcast Brendon and Matt, I needed to hear that. My take home message
    -is make sure we have and highlight the common goal
    -sometimes you have to have the hard conversations.

    • Brendan Rogers

      Hey Sara, thank you for taking the time to give us feedback. Those are great take home messages as well. So glad it was valuable for you. Feel free to reach out if I can cover other topics that you would find helpful across culture, leadership and teamwork.

  2. Sam

    Great podcast Brendan and Matt. I especially agree with Matt’s view that once your clients/staff know what the outcomes are likely to be in a crisis, then at least you can work on the alternative responses. To use a sporting analogy, play what’s in front of you.

    I personally believe that if you can get people through that process quicker – you are reducing the length of time that people spend being anxious. “The biggest wall we have to climb is the one we build in our mind”.

    • Brendan Rogers

      Thank you for taking the time to give feedback Sam. Appreciate it. Glad you got a lot from it.

  3. Sonya Cavanough

    I enjoyed this podcast Brendan and Matt. I picked up some helpful tips for my my counselling practice clients, especially about asking them what it is they need from me and not assuming I know what they need.

    • Brendan Rogers

      Thank you for the feedback Sonya and for taking the time to share. That’s a great takeaway. Well done. We really appreciate it.


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