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68. No-Fluff Workplace Inclusion

by | Feb 7, 2022 | 2 comments

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Culture of Leadership
68. No-Fluff Workplace Inclusion



My guest today is Gloria Tabi, the CEO and Equity & Inclusion Consultant for Everyday Inclusion, based in Sydney, Australia. Originally from Ghana, Gloria has spent nearly 30 years working in research, project management, employment services, and coaching.  She has authored the book, “Inclusive Teams & Workplaces: Everyone Wins,” and is the Founder and host of the “Voice Everyday Racism” podcast.

Gloria joins us today to discuss how Everyday Inclusion is a one-stop shop where organizations can come to work on changing to become more inclusive. Businesses must truly understand systemic racism in order to create real change and foster inclusion, not simply check the boxes and celebrate inclusion with one special day every year. 

Join us as we discuss Gloria’s sometimes painful personal experiences with racism, and the steps that leaders (and all of us) need to take to make inclusion part of their organization’s mission.

Discussion Points

  • Gloria’s introduction/background
  • What is the definition of “Everyday Inclusion”?
  • What does EXCLUSION often look like?
  • Some examples of exclusion in the workplace
  • What if those exclusions were simply an oversight or an honest mistake?
  • What can an organization do as a first step toward creating inclusion?
  • Racism in Australia and Australian workplaces
  • Addressing the phrase, “Because I’m white, I’m racist.”
  • Unless we can talk about racism, we cannot change or resolve it
  • How Gloria and Everyday Inclusion can work with organizations to ensure inclusion from top to bottom and the three A’s of her work:
    • Assessment
    • Announcement
    • Action
  • Some examples of organizations successfully accomplishing inclusion
  • How can you tell what is true inclusive behavior vs. just checking boxes?
  • What has had the greatest impact on Gloria’s life while doing this work
  • Key takeaways: 
    • Leaders Unite People
    • Leaders Seek Real Solutions
    • Leaders Have Genuine Conversations


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  1. Elaine Speight-Burton

    Finally had the time to listen to this
    Thanks both
    One aspect not mentioned is the challenge (now) of taking up the collective? And ongoing work of bringing about systemic change within the existing imperatives of individual responsibility-think neoliberal policies- and the ‘push’ to achieve measurable, translatable outcomes. Will be listening for your proposed ‘root cause’ conversation

    • Brendan Rogers

      Thanks Elaine. Appreciate you taking the time to listen and provide your comments. Please get in contact with Gloria directly if you need to discuss anything further. Her contact points are in the show notes. Cheers


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