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62. The Culture of Reality TV

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
62. The Culture of Reality TV



Mike Goldman is a well-known Australian personality. He’s an actor, voice-over artist, and presenter. He is most widely known as the host of and voice of BigBrother in the popular reality TV show, BigBrother Australia. He has many years of experience in the entertainment industry and has all the inside scoop around what it takes to work in television production and more specifically, reality television. He shares some of his highs and lows of being part of a big production, the pressure, the excitement, and the “never knowing what to expect” – all included in the live production package. 

We also chat about his evolution in how he has offered his services to be able to continue to work during the pandemic. 

Mike is an all-around great guy, hilarious, and full of positive energy –  I have really enjoyed picking his brain on some of these questions around the culture of his industry. Mike has so many channels available to connect with him so take some time to get to know Mike Goldman today – starting with this episode.

Discussion Points

  • Getting to know Mike
  • Mike’s perspective on reality TV
  • What makes a great producer
  • Mike’s thoughts on the success of BigBrother worldwide 
  • Talking about streaming services
  • Mike’s favorite type of team to work with
  • Mike’s work environment challenges
  • How bad work environments filter through to ratings
  • Reality TV show Q&A
  • Comparing BigBrother show to workplace culture
  • Risk of reality shows
  • Mike’s thoughts on having good relationships in the industry
  • The negative side of reality TV
  • Big issue Mike would solve as Prime Minister of Australia
  • What’s coming up for Mike
  • One thing that has had the biggest impact on Mike’s life



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