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59. Command and Control Leadership

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59. Command and Control Leadership



Rex Buckingham is a self-proclaimed old-style leader. With his vast amount of corporate experience, he is able to help guide people to change the way they think and speak in order to change difficult situations. These changes can of course be applied in work situations but they are also powerful tools to use in personal relationships. 

In today’s episode, Rex shares a bit about where he started his career and – that he, in fact, believes that those early days (and the managers he worked with) – played a major role in shaping his work ethic and helping him become the leader he is today. Rex shares some great examples of clients he’s helped and how we can each take responsibility for changing our situations. 

Discussion Points

  • Rex’s career history
  • Command and control vs leadership
  • Rex’s “old-style” leadership
  • Intelligent disobedience
  • Taking responsibility for changing your life
  • Leadership style is linked to expectations
  • Allowing command and control leadership
  • Impacts of command and control leadership on mental health
  • Rex’s thoughts on HR in a business
  • The things that had the biggest impact on Rex


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