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55. How to Overcome Ego & Win

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
55. How to Overcome Ego & Win



Andrew Bartlow has 25 years of HR and organizational management experience. He is passionate about helping leaders identify their strengths and weaknesses and he has an empathetic approach to helping them improve the way they run their businesses and manage their employees. Andrew discusses a wide range of topics from his new book, Scaling for Success – where the focus is on people being the priority when working on scaling your business. 

Andrew and I have very similar views on the use of personality assessment tools when making hiring decisions- that it’s a very poor way of identifying a good fit in an organization. We also go into quite a bit of detail around Andrew’s theory around the two founder archetypes – Mule-drivers and Prophets – both coming with their specific strengths and weaknesses. Andrew breaks down his process of working with each of these founder-types to help them understand their role in the successes and failures of their organizations. He works with these founders to improve their weaknesses or hire someone with strengths that complement their weaknesses. If you are a founder and not sure why there may be frustrations in your organization, listen up, you may just get the insight you need from today’s episode.

Discussion Points

  • All about ego
  • The Ego traps
  • The Mule-driver vs Prophet archetype founders
  • Impact of people in a “Prophet-founded” organization
  • How Andrew approaches these founders
  • RACI – tool
  • HR in a Mule-driver organization
  • Tools for founders (spoiler – the tool doesn’t matter)
  • Making decisions using tools are dangerous
  • Developing trust in teams
  • Advice for prophet founders
  • Advice to mule-driver founders
  • The greatest impact in Andrew’s leadership journey


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If you have any questions for Brendan around this episode or generally around culture, leadership or teamwork, feel free to contact him here.

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