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51. The Culture of Lifelong Learning

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Culture of Leadership
51. The Culture of Lifelong Learning



Today’s guest on this episode of The Culture of Leadership is Dr. Wilma Slenders. She is an expert management consultant with many years of experience in helping leaders realise their potential and better themselves through empathy and change management in their businesses.

We explore the idea of Lifetime Employability versus Lifelong employment and how that affects the mindset and work ethic of employees. This again, has a direct impact on the culture of an organisation. They discuss how important it is for leaders to see their actions through the eyes of their employees in order to ensure that they make decisions that will benefit the company as a whole – including all its employees.  

This episode is packed with brilliant examples that explain the reasoning behind the theories and on top of that, Dr. Slenders shares some really exciting news about her upcoming book.

Discussion Points

  • Dr. Slenders’ road to becoming a leadership consultant
  • Lifetime Employability vs Lifelong employment
  • Benefits of having Lifetime employability mindset
  • Skills required for lifetime employability
  • Change agility
  • Relationships and trust during times of change
  • Leaders and Empathy
  • Dr. Slenders’ book
  • Dr. Slenders’ Advice to leaders


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