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40. Are you Sick, Fat and Tired?

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40. Are you Sick, Fat and Tired?



Dr Pat Boulogne has helped thousands of people over the last 35-plus years stop adapting their lifestyle to pain and chronic problems by focusing on the whole person. She has a passion for getting people to live healthier lives by focusing on the food they put into their bodies. She believes that you shouldn’t treat symptoms in isolation, but instead, figure out the cause and deal with that. According to her, nutrition has the ability to have a significant impact on our health, fitness and quality of life.

Dr Pat has written a comprehensive book called “Why… Are You Sick, Fat, and Tired?: Find out now” in which she writes about her learnings around holistic health management. It offers its readers a questionnaire that will help them pin-point possible health concerns and ways to treat or manage these before becoming a crisis.


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