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32. How To Deal With Life’s Stresses

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32. How To Deal With Life’s Stresses


Luke Sullivan and Shaun Sullivan are brothers and together, run Teams Challenge Australia, along with Luke’s wife Emily. Teams Challenge Australia (TCA) is a team building, leadership and wellbeing company based on the Central Coast.

Luke and Shaun are both Personal Development, Health and Physical Education Teachers delivering the Outdoor Recreation and Well-being Programs at Girrakool Education Training Unit. Girrakool ETU is a unique NSW Dept of Education & Communities School located within Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre. With over 11 years’ experience working with some of NSW most at risk and challenging 16-21 year old Juvenile offenders, they have a passion for getting the best out of individuals and bringing them together as a Team in nature. 

The focus of our conversation is ‘How to reduce & deal with life’s stresses’.


How to Deal with Lifes Stresses


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