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13. Building High Performing Teams

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13. Building High Performing Teams


Building High Performing Teams.

Tim Ferguson is a Director and Facilitator at a company called Leading Teams, which is a company focused on developing high performing teams and leaders. Tim joined Leading Teams in 2012 and is now based in Northern NSW.

Prior to joining Leading Teams he spent fourteen years in business development roles. Primarily, this was in the vocational education and training industry with Construction Training Australia, the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, and Gordon Institute of TAFE. Tim played a major role in The Gordon becoming the most commercially successful TAFE Institute in Australia.

I had the pleasure of first meeting Tim back in 2016.

We got to know each other very well during 2017 when I was involved with an organisation who was a client of Leading Teams and we have remained friends ever since.

He is a fantastic thinker, writer, observer, facilitator and implementer of high performing leadership and building high performing teams.

Enjoy this episode as we focus on Building High Performing Teams…



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