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101. What do Millennials Want from their Leaders?

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The Culture of Leadership
The Culture of Leadership
101. What do Millennials Want from their Leaders?



In this episode, Tim Garth and Dan Osborne, self-titled “podcountants” and hosts of the Two Drunk Accountants podcast, discuss their experiences as millennial leaders and share insights on leading millennials. They advise leaders to build a strong, sustainable culture that resonates with their millennial workforce and emphasize the importance of giving millennials a seat at the table. They also discuss the challenges of balancing freedom and safety for millennial employees, the potential downside of the environment in which millennials grew up, and their perspectives on the future of work.

Tim and Dan also run an accounting firm together, CATS Accountants. Two Drunk Accountants is a weekly podcast that dispels the myths and mysteries of running a small business over a lovely beverage. The show has over 100,000 listens and close to 200 episodes that have helped small businesses for three years. 

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Discussion Points

  • Millennials seek inclusion, purpose, and freedom in leadership
  • Create strong cultures that resonate with millennial employees
  • Balance freedom and safety nets for millennial workers
  • Focus on purpose, satisfaction, and actual work
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in millennial employees
  • Align organizational values with millennial values
  • Provide flexibility, trust, and accountability in the workplace
  • Foster deep work and focus in millennials
  • Establish accountability systems for millennial workforce
  • Encourage millennials to set lifestyle KPIs
  • Create problem-solving and collaborative cultures
  • Recognize the value of different generations in the workplace
  • 3 Key Takeaways: 
    1. Confident leaders prioritize purpose
    2. Confident leaders embrace uniqueness
    3. Confident leaders embrace remote working
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