What Rugby League Taught Me About Leadership

What Rugby League Taught Me About Leadership


“The ultimate team player for me is someone that turns up every day. They want to make themselves better, or the team better and they are willing to go outside of their comfort zone to improve their own or the team’s performance.”

Matt Sharp


He is a NSW supporter and me – QLD.


He is a Knights supporter and me – Broncos.


One thing we do have in common is that we are both passionate about culture, leadership and teamwork across business and sport!


Today it is my great pleasure to introduce Matt Sharp. Matt’s experience lies within the sport, corporate and entrepreneurial sectors where he has firsthand experience building high performing cultures.


Matt is the founder of Sharp Property Buyers where he specialises in assisting people with the process of buying their dream home. He also draws on his success with developing a diverse property portfolio to work with investors; helping them to secure their future by purchasing quality investment properties. Matt also coaches the Sydney Roosters elite junior rugby league team, where he imparts the lessons he has learnt through his career as a semi-professional rugby league player.


The success of Sharp Property Buyers is a direct result of Matt’s strong leadership style and unwavering commitment to establish a happy work culture. Matt acknowledges that the good, bad and ugly leadership and culture practices personally experienced during his 10 years working at a corporate level, put him in good stead when it came to building and developing a successful buyers agency.


It is thanks to Matt’s ability to identify the necessary processes, set goals and stick with the cause, skills learnt during his experience as an elite athlete, that he has successfully transitioned into his current entrepreneurial role.


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Matt was 23 years old when he had his first taste of leadership, leading a semi-professional rugby league team, playing on the Central Coast as well as overseas. Matt learnt the value of being authentic, embracing feedback and remaining humble, as well as the importance of taking ownership of your own performance and contribution to the game.


It is these values and attributes that have built the foundation of his personal leadership style which he relies on both in business and with his role as Coach of the Sydney Roosters.


As a Coach, Matt strives to create an environment where the young players are challenged, rewarded and encouraged. Matt places huge value on giving them regular feedback as he has recognised that they perform at a much higher level when they know their Coach is sitting in the corner giving them full support. He works at bringing a holistic approach, placing emphasis on the players to not only strive to constantly develop their game skills but to also improve themselves as human beings.  


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Leaders set the standard, culture and acceptable behaviour within an organisation and when you hear that Matt prides himself on being at the gym before everyone else, you get a glimpse of the grit and determination he has drawn on to get where he is today.


The biggest thing you can feel when you are part of a team, is valued and Matt has built Sharp Property Buyers on the foundation of connecting with each member of his team and taking the time to learn what happiness is for them. Join us for today’s episode as Matt shares what rugby league has taught him about leadership and learn more about his passion for connecting with people and taking ownership of his role as a leader.


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