The Three Actions to Stand Out as an Excellent Leader


“To grow people, you have to believe in them. They have to believe that you believe in them.” – Brendan Rogers

In the realm of leadership, transitioning from being an average leader to an excellent leader requires consistent action. In this enlightening episode, Brendan takes on the role of interviewee as Marc Charette, the show’s producer, delves into the subject of standing out as a leader. Drawing from his expertise, Brendan has developed frameworks by combining his own material and intellectual property with insights shared on The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) Podcast.

As The Culture of Leadership embraces change, Marc seizes the opportunity to uncover the key to leadership excellence. Brendan emphasizes the massive influence and impact individuals can have on their teams when they work well. He also highlights the importance of progress from a leadership capacity perspective. Leveraging his P.E.O.P.L.E. System, Brendan aims to make leaders stand out by being better than average. This comprehensive system powers the eight essentials of business, empowering individuals to develop effective leadership skills, connect better with others, nurture their teams, and achieve exceptional results. Ultimately, better leaders cultivate better teams, which foster a superior culture and lead to enhanced profitability. So, below are the three actions, when done consistently, will move leaders from average to excellent.

Action 1: Connect – The Ability to Forge Meaningful Connections is a Mark of an Excellent Leader

At the core of standing out as an excellent leader lies the ability to connect with people. Brendan highlights the significance of building authentic relationships, fostering trust, and understanding the needs and aspirations of team members. By actively listening, demonstrating empathy, and practicing effective communication, leaders can create a sense of belonging and inspire their teams to achieve greatness.

Action 2: Galvanize – Bringing People Together for a Common Purpose

The second action centers on the power of galvanizing individuals, bringing them together with a shared sense of purpose. Exceptional leaders ignite passion, inspire collaboration, and harness the collective strengths of their teams. Through effective team building, fostering a sense of camaraderie, and providing a compelling vision, leaders create an environment where synergy and cooperation thrive.

Action 3: Elevate – Nurturing Growth and Development

The third action focuses on the ability to elevate team members, fostering their growth, development, and potential progression into leadership roles. Excellent leaders invest in the professional and personal advancement of their team members by providing mentorship, offering learning opportunities, and recognizing and leveraging individual strengths. By nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and providing the necessary support, leaders empower their team members to excel.

Communication as the Interconnecting Thread

Quality communication serves as the linchpin that interconnects the three actions. Effective questioning, genuine care for others, and over-delivering on communication form the foundation of The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) Podcast. Recently, Brendan has undergone a deliberate rebranding, shifting the focus from The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) to The Culture of Leadership (TCoL). This transition reflects the evolving nature of the podcast while maintaining the commitment to exceptional communication. Listeners can access the complete interview on audio platforms or watch it on The Culture of Leadership (TCoL) YouTube channel.

Unleashing Leadership Excellence

In conclusion, standing out as an excellent leader requires taking consistent action and embracing the three foundational steps: connecting with others, galvanizing teams toward a shared purpose, and elevating individuals to foster growth. By incorporating these actions into their leadership approach, individuals can inspire greatness, cultivate a thriving team culture, and drive enhanced profitability. As The Culture of Leadership evolves into The Culture of Leadership, the commitment to quality communication remains unwavering. Embrace these actions, tap into your leadership potential, and unleash excellence in your leadership journey.


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