The Power of Purpose


“Making some good decisions, learning from our bad decisions, turning them into opportunities and never giving up.”

Simon Neylan


When was the last time you surprised someone with a gift, making them feel thought of, for no reason at all?


Simon Neylan has created a platform designed to make people feel something positive through giving and receiving. In today’s conversation we are going to connect you to the emotive story and uncover the strong purpose and vision behind Jangler, a new-to-market mobile app. Simon intends to use Jangler to build a culture around giving and thinking more of others.


Jangler began as a classically under-funded start-up which was launched in December 2019. The idea came after Simon experienced the sheer helplessness around not being able to solve a problem. As an experienced Executive, who is currently the General Manager of Alinta Apparel, as well as the Founder and Director of (now) two start-up businesses, it is fair to say Simon is familiar with the art of problem-solving. This fresh challenge he was presented with however, hit the emotional mark.


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After a close family friend was diagnosed with cancer, Simon’s first thought was to send a gift. The struggles he encountered with achieving this act of kindness has led him to turn his energy into revolutionising the act of giving.


Simon recognises that people often get more out of giving than receiving, in fact receiving a gift can sometimes bring up feelings of guilt, as the person receiving might not feel worthy of the gesture. This could be seen as detrimental to the time, energy and effort behind the initial generosity which is why Jangler is designed to focus on the thought, not the monetary value or the gift itself.


Today’s episode delves into the combination of work ethic, strong relationships and drive, as well as the sheer competitiveness which was needed to get this app to market. Since conception Jangler has facilitated hundreds of people being surprised and feeling something positive, which means the product has successfully achieved its primary purpose – this realisation literally gave Simon goose bumps!


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Gift giving is a trait built into Simon’s genes and through Jangler, he is determined to make the act less about just ticking a box and more about making people feel good. It is the Power of Purpose which has given Simon the clarity and determination he needed to connect and surround himself with like-minded people, which has resulted in his dream becoming a reality.


Click here to learn more about how, during this current time of uncertainty and separation from those you care about, you can turn a traditionally ‘lazy’ gift idea, into something fun. Or perhaps you have a purposeful idea and are keen to learn more from Simon about exactly what it takes to bring your product idea to fruition.


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