The Culture of COVID-19


“Weak cultures rise out of neglect. Strong cultures rise out of deliberate intent.”

Brendan Rogers


Have you ever woken up in the morning and said, “I’m going to do a bad job today”?


Generally, people want to do a good job. Effective leaders provide the support so that team members will wake up in the morning enthused and excited about achieving a greater thing rather than just focusing on themselves and what they are doing next. They drive motivation forward to help the team and ultimately the organisation, to excel.  


Welcome to episode 9, today we are changing things around with a role reversal. Brendan Rogers, the host of TCoT has become the Interviewee and Quang Nguyen, or as we know him ‘Q’, from QN Coaching & Training, the Interviewer. So, let’s take this opportunity to share a bit more about Brendan, the founder, for all the new listeners to this Podcast.


Brendan is a Leadership and Team Performance Coach, host of The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) Podcast and coordinator of LinkedIn Local Central Coast. His favourite conversation is one which focuses on culture, leadership and teamwork.


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Brendan found himself drawn to leading teams early in life. These beginnings are a direct result of his passion for football and led him, at the ripe old age of 21, becoming the youngest State League Captain in Queensland. Brendan and Quang share a love of football and the conversation naturally evolves into the lessons sportsmen can teach us about teamwork and performance in a sporting environment and how these insights can be turned into successful business philosophies.


At 24, Brendan was leading his first corporate team and yes, he screwed up a lot! He puts this down to not having the level of support he needed to succeed, which has resulted in Brendan taking those experiences and opportunities to help others. A large part of Brendan’s work is with individual leaders ensuring they don’t become the limit to their team’s performance. He helps leaders create conversation and opportunity for conversation, while focusing on creating healthy team performance.


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An organisation’s biggest expense, with the largest allocation of resources, is people. Therefore, leaders need to make a strategic decision to focus on culture and teamwork. This week’s episode focuses on exactly how leadership and culture are intertwined. Culture is a reflection of leadership and Brendan explains how being deliberate and setting a standard, which defines acceptable behaviours and unacceptable behaviours, drives the right culture. Culture is not something which you can define, touch, or see, instead, it is something you can feel. This makes it hard to measure and quantify.


Brendan breaks down how to create environments which thrive on a strong culture. Where ‘people smart’ people are tapping into the smarts of everyone which results in achieving an environment where the team feels safe, supported and valued. The outcome is maximum performance and a strong bottom line. He revisits the question “Are Leaders Born or Trained?” and discusses the two forms of motive, as well as explaining how individual personality types relate to the success of a leader.


There has never been a more important time for leaders to shine and teams to do what they do best – solve issues. The current pandemic crisis has unlocked a universal goal which is, to get through COVID-19 and keep everyone in jobs. In this week’s conversation, Brendan and Quang share how being people focused creates effective leaders in any industry.


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