The Centred Tradie (Mental Health at Workplace)

The Centred Tradie (Mental Health at Workplace)

“Small business in Australia is the biggest employer nationwide. I think if we can start to change the thinking of employers, it will start to change the mental health of employees.”

Daniel Gaebler


The Daniel of old was like a firecracker of anger – any small thing would light his fuse. Research shows there are 10 factors that can cause mental health problems and during this interview we learn how Daniel has experienced at least 6 of them, including trauma. There are different forms of trauma that have shaped who he is. One of them is finding a dead body in the surf when he was 15 years old.


Deep down Daniel knew he didn’t want to feel that explosive rage. As a strong willed 24-year-old it wasn’t easy admitting he had a problem. A pivotal moment that culminated in his journey started when a friend tapped him on the shoulder and said ‘Dan, I think you should see this guy’. He picked up the phone and gave him a call thinking, “Well, let’s just give this a go before I potentially make what could be one of the biggest mistakes in my life.”


After experiencing multiple different suicides and suicide attempts with people around him, Daniel knew he never wanted to go down that path – he wanted to escape. His plans were to go and start a new life, under a new name, in a new state.


Gaebler actually means a fork in the road in German and there certainly has been many forks in the road for Daniel. He is now very much living his purpose in a sense that he is not only helping himself but also helping others to take the left or take the right – whichever fork they need to get there.


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When you deal with the world through frustration and anger. Off the back of that comes anxiety and depression. By his own admission, Daniel is now a much calmer person than what he was. He is a keynote speaker, business owner, plumber, husband, father and author of The Centred Tradie (Amazon).


The Centred Tradie was started more as a journal. Daniel laughed, cried and went into deep thought while writing it. Turns out his writing style is very relatable and conversational. By publishing his ‘journal’, Daniel is putting up his hand and saying, “Well, I’ve got a problem and I damn sure know you do. So here’s my book, have a listen and get that relatable story through”.


Daniel is now using his voice to drive change with a two-pronged attack:


  1. To connect with individuals and create that comfort piece for people to be able to talk up 
  2. Change the thinking within business leadership 


Small business in Australia is the biggest employer nationwide and Daniel believes that if we can start to change the thinking of employers, it will start to change the mental health of employees. As a small business owner himself, Daniel understands the time and budget restraints don’t equal those that corporations have to spend on mental health. In today’s episode of The Culture of Things (TCoT) Podcast he shares examples of slight, simple changes that don’t cost a lot, achieving great outcomes.


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Connection has always been important to Daniel.  Through his journey the universe led him down a path toward people that have helped him heal. He thinks the major reason why we have so many mental health issues in the community is that we are not prepared for life. The hard part is that a lot of men have no experience or training in emotional intelligence and don’t know how to check in with themselves and vocalize the fact that they think they might have a problem.


The complete interview can be listened to here, on audio platforms, or watched here, on The Culture of Things (TCoT) YouTube channel.


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