Technology Leadership with Geoff Quattromani

Geoff Quattromani

“Not everyone grew up with technology. I didn’t grow up on a bike, but I learned how to ride it.”

Geoff Quattromani


Geoff Quattromani fell in love with technology from a young age tinkering with the family computer. There wasn’t necessarily the money to invest in regular upgrades, so he spent his time hacking to make them perform better. After receiving a ‘pretty terrible’ HSC result and with no interest in heading to university, Geoff found himself working as the IT support at school. He had fallen in love with technology, what it could do, what it could do to people’s lives and how it can enrich people’s lives.


He has had a very interesting IT career since then and his love affair with technology has continued to the point that he now works his day-job from 9–5 as the Digital Transformation Manager at Johnson & Johnson and continues with his ‘hobby’ in the evenings where he talks IT on TV, radio, as well as hosts his own podcast – Technology Uncorked.


The definition of technology for Geoff is anything that has been, in some ways, reinvented. It’s not a ‘thing’ but rather more of a process. Geoff uses technology to solve problems, answer business needs and come up with innovative ways to do something. Not innovation for the sake of hoping someone wants to use it because that is just wasteful.


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Johnson & Johnson

As the Digital Transformation Manager, Geoff is responsible for transforming the company from a digital devices company to a medical technology company, building customer journeys within the marketing platforms. This has nothing to do with the consumer and public-facing division of baby powder, band-aids and no more tears shampoo. Geoff works with medical devices (think hips, knees, implants, plates & screws), which is one of the largest sectors of Johnson & Johnson. His job is to sit between technology and business – exactly where he likes to work – and involves coming up with new ideas, leveraging new technology and execution.

Tech Commentator

Playing as a tech commentator stemmed from being an IT guy. Being in IT support, Geoff always has people coming up to him saying, “Geoff, can you fix this?”, “Geoff, what phone should I buy?” So, he developed a platform where he could just talk about these topics once. He started by creating YouTube videos, moved into community radio, which stemmed into more large mainstream radio stations, followed by newspapers, his own websites and podcast. It has now grown to TV and both local and international events.

Technology Uncorked

The Technology Uncorked Podcast began as an unrestrained way for Geoff to speak on a platform where he wasn’t confined to a word count or working against a clock. A place where he can talk freely and explain everything properly. Geoff cares so much about everybody’s dollar that sits in their pocket because they have had to work hard to get it. He won’t let a brand that has sent him overseas for a trip, or who sponsors the podcast, or anything like that get in the way of what he says. “If you’re going to spend any money based on a recommendation of mine or something that I’m doing, then I want to make sure that I can stand behind that.”


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One of the foundations of Geoff’s success in all of these areas of his professional life is built on relationships that he has worked hard to establish. He has learnt that when you build trust within relationships, suddenly things do become much easier.


The complete interview on technology leadership with Geoff Quattromani can be listened to here, on audio platforms, or watched here, on The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) YouTube channel.


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