Leadership in Public Office

Leadership in Public Office


“Having that respectful discussion with somebody that vehemently disagrees with it, that’s hard work. But that’s the true quality of a good leader.”

Adam Crouch


Not everyone would consider being the voice for 55,000 people a privilege. Yet, for Adam, it is an honour to be a Parliamentarian and walk into the Chamber. Adam Crouch, known as ‘Crouchy’ thanks to Premier Gladys Berejiklian, is currently serving his second term as New South Wales (NSW) Liberal State Government Member for Terrigal, the Government Whip, Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast and Deputy Chair for the Standing Committee of Parliamentary Privilege and Ethics.


With an introduction such as this you may presume we are going to delve into the topic of politics, however this episode focuses on Leadership in Public Office. We begin by hearing how Adam classes himself as a normal human being who ‘puts his pants on one leg at a time’ like everyone else. There is no doubt he is passionate about his role which he says “is like no other” and one which comes with an amazing level of job satisfaction.


Adam argues that people don’t plan out a life in politics, it is something they make a decision about because they want to speak for others. He reflects on this passion as something he has had right from his school days as a young Student Representative and Sports Captain. It is therefore fitting that he is here opposite me wearing the Liverpool Football Club scarf celebrating the fact that we have taken the championship today, for the first time in 30 years! I appreciate it is support such as this that shows Adam has a strong sense of friendship, empathy and ‘keeping it real’.


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Leadership for Adam means not being afraid to step outside his comfort zone to get things done. The Central Coast is one of the fastest growing regions in NSW and Adam’s role involves overseeing Government projects, policies and initiatives. He ensures the Government delivers what is promised and is committed to building necessary infrastructure while ensuring additional job roles are filled to accommodate this growth.


Adam continues to listen and be accessible to the local community, treating people the same way he expects to be treated, while understanding that not every problem can be solved. Adam never promises something he cannot deliver, or commits to something he cannot do. He draws on these strong leadership attributes, to work towards a better outcome.


Social media is one topic Adam speaks quite matter-of-factly about in our conversation describing it as a great asset although he also believes it has created the disengagement of politics and Politicians from the community. He shares his approach to using social media as a valuable tool with advice on how to handle comments from people who feel they can say anything they like and not be held accountable.


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Managing social media, mainstream media and community engagement are all scheduled priorities within Adam’s office. He has a multigenerational team which work collaboratively to get the best outcome by using a structured, ordered approach. Effectively serving 55,000 people, each with varying levels of expectations, requires flexibility as well as the capability to ‘pivot’ as unexpected situations and/or emergencies arise.


Adam is a strong leader committed to helping others and today generously shares with us how he focuses on what matters most while staying grounded. Actually, it is technically his Mother who helps him stay grounded with a strategy which involves a photo of him in a pair of ‘budgy smugglers’ – click here to listen to the full episode and the details of that priceless story…


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