How to Create Magic at Work

“As a Leader, if you’re agitated and upset or behaving in a way that’s not calm, you can multiply that by 10 on how your employees feel. The ripple effect as a leader is huge.”

Amy Lynn Durham


As a Corporate Mystic, Amy Lynn Durham knows that using ‘woo woo’ language in the workplace is not the best approach to building confidence. People have a hard time wrapping their brain around something they cannot see with their physical human senses. So, to create magic at work, she has taken out the ‘woo woo’ and given it a practical application.


Amy is an expert in building positive cultures by using spiritual and emotional intelligence activities. She is a University of California Berkeley Certified Executive Coach, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and is SQ21 (Spiritual Intelligence) Model Certified. After spending years in the corporate world successfully managing hundreds of employees for private and publicly traded companies, Amy is able to articulate the data associated with improving profitability, productivity and staff retention rates. 


Retraining people is a huge company cost and the simple fact is that if people are happy, they will stay.


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The definition of Spiritual Intelligence is maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation. Putting your day-to-day concerns aside so you can operate from a space of wisdom, love and compassion which you can access within yourself and where your view for everyone (as a leader) is the bigger picture. Self-awareness is a big one as the ripple effect of a leader is huge!

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is the next step after Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Amy has developed an Emotional Management Strategy, to support these intelligences, which works with elements of polyvagal neuroscience. This means she talks a lot about how the brain works.


Do you recognise when your nervous system is getting triggered?


Do you have an Emotional Management Strategy or, when you hit the red or yellow zone you head straight into fight, flight or freeze?


The SQ model from Cindy Wigglesworth will help to give you a clearer understanding of the steps involved with reaching Spiritual Intelligence.




Through her own personal journey Amy understands that being your authentic self is not always easy. During today’s conversation on The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) Podcast, Amy shares the story of how she combined her Capricorn Sun, with her Pisces Moon, to form Corporate Mystic.


During the day Amy was competitive, aggressive with a win/win attitude at all costs. This was the shadow of the Capricorn coming out. When she got home from work, Amy reverted to her Pisces Moon. The moon sign is who you really are outside of work and for Amy that meant watery and emotional, while tapping into intuition and spirituality. When she finally decided to flip the script and brought what she was working on at home into the corporate world, she realised her authentic self was here to bring heart and human connection to the workplace.


I bet you weren’t expecting that!


Amy has published the book Create Magic at Work and through her executive coaching workshops and virtual group coaching sessions, uses a variety of services and strategies to aid in cultivating teamwork and harmony, in order to improve profits and employee morale. 


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Parents and guardians will be familiar with coping strategies such as the security blanket used by children, but did you know similar tools can be grounding for adults as well?


Maybe you have been given an appreciation anchor, that you have forgotten all about, which can help you overcome the fear of public speaking or, maybe you are ready to hear about a great intention setting exercise which can create a lasting impact as well as make team meetings fun.


Are you prepared to try something new and not be closed off?


Click here if you have the courage and vulnerability as a leader to start…


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