How to Build a Trillion Dollar Culture

A Trillion Dollar Culture - Scotty Schindler


“The reality is education is only potential.”

Scotty Schindler


Are you the type of person who can reflect on unsuccessful job interviews and consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get the role, or even a single interview, during a time when you are pivoting and changing your career direction? Scotty Schindler is, as he went on to become the start-up founder of real estate software business ReNet. When he retired at the age 46, ReNet managed over 1 trillion dollars’ worth of property.


As a now semi-retired avid surfer, Scotty dragged himself out of the water today to talk leadership, culture and teamwork. The conversation includes a colourful collection of ‘Scotty-isms’ as well as his business philosophy known as System1357; the training package which he used along his entrepreneurial journey of turning a concept into a business to create wealth.


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ReNet was Scotty’s third attempt at a proper business. Looking back, starting an IT company with no knowledge, no degree and no experience was a pretty ballsy move. He figured he would just learn the skills along the way. It took Scotty six years to get ReNet going, then four years to grow the company. When you see these opening hours from the front door, you get the idea that ReNet was run a little bit differently.


Open most days about 8 or 9, but some days as late as 12 or 1.

We close about 5:30 or 6 but occasionally, about 4 or 5.

Some days or afternoons, we aren’t here at all.

And lately, we’ve been here just about all the time except when the surf is good.


Scotty had a policy to make himself redundant and one of the successful business tools that he shares is, he hired people who were better and smarter than himself.


Scotty believes a leader develops and inspires people. A leader creates an environment for people to succeed in. If you’re the number one salesperson, and you’re running a sales team, well then you’re not a leader.


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As for the ReNet business culture, Scotty shares some ‘real talk’ about how it came and went. There were times when it was toxic and times he had a ‘brain fart’; got cranky and two people left overnight. Scotty doesn’t see himself as having a leadership style but rather a leadership philosophy and it was during times such as these, when he had to do a reset.


One of the reasons why Scotty struggled finding his way in the beginning of his career was that the roles that presented themselves didn’t align with his business philosophy which he now calls System1357. System1357 includes 5 techniques that allow people to grow their business in a way that makes them work smarter not harder.

  1. Business Judo
  2. Time Duplication
  3. Business of thirds
  4. Rule of 100
  5. Sugar and Cream


Join our discussion to hear how Scotty implements these five philosophies into his business model. He also shares other ‘things’ he does differently such as his no fire policy, no quarterly reviews and no office hours. As a company built on systems, it will come as no surprise to hear there were internal systems in place which allowed the team to pick their own holidays, as well as a bonus structure across the entire team.


Scotty believes that if he helps enough people achieve their goals, then he can achieve his and is now enjoying sharing his experience with the wider community. Enjoy listening to the conversation by clicking here


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