Attraction, Selection and Retention of High-Performing Talent

“The most important part for everybody to understand is that high-performers are two to three times more productive than poor-performers, but you’re paying the same amount of money.”

Mark Purbrick


Peoplogica is a technology business which puts science and technology into the recruitment process, as opposed to relying on gut-feel. Their passion lies primarily in the attraction, selection and retention of high-performing talent. As one of the first adopters of people analytics, Peoplogica is at the forefront of people tests, assessments and surveys. Their key goal is to get more people to love their work by providing objective information.


In Australia and western countries in general, 20% of people love going to work, 50% report varying degrees of engagement depending on the day and 20-30% are actively disengaged. The traditional recruitment process delivers high-performers 26% of the time, meaning that 74% of the time, recruiters and hiring managers do not get it right. A process expert would confirm that this pathway is broken.


Can you afford the cost of hiring a poor performer?


As the Managing Director of Peoplogica, Mark Purbrick assists clients in making the right business and capital decisions. With 35 years of management experience, 23 of those being as General Manager and CEO of both private enterprise and government-controlled entities, as well as 30 years Board Director experience, Mark is well equipped to improve the outcomes for everybody – especially the employees. His experience lies with hospitality, retail, production, agribusiness, direct marketing, government and people analytics; consulting to senior executives of some of the largest multinational organizations, business owners, chief executive officers and not-for-profits.


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The definition of high performing talent is people that are not only functionally very good at their role but also contribute to the organisation on a leadership basis. Mark is quick to point out that leadership is a mindset not a role title and even casuals can be absolute leaders in what they are doing.


Where it is easy to measure a high performing person in a sales role, it can become harder to be objective about identifying a high performer in other disciplines. There is a whole raft of areas to consider such as:

  • Functional expertise
  • Contribution to the culture of the organisation
  • Contribution to the fabric of the organisation
  • How they support other people
  • Their contribution and dedication to looking after clients


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The focus of today’s The Culture of Leadership (TCoT) Podcast, is to begin to understand more about the recruitment process which involves attracting, selecting & retaining high performers.



The first part is to truly understand what type of beast the company is looking for. The position description, experience, knowledge and skills as well as the heart, mind and soul required for the role. The people analytics measures help focus on the type of person you need, not just the learnable skills they are required to have.



This is where you enter into a psychological contract. It is imperative that you treat the candidate with respect and don’t make promises you can not keep. Peoplogica have developed some resources to ensure this part of the recruitment follows a process.



The first day will absolutely imprint on the person as to whether this is an organisation that they should stay in or not. Invest in leadership and development and put together an employee action plan. Show the employee that you as a manager are just as committed to their success as you are to your own success.


Mark’s experience in the people analytics space is first class. Everything he shares in this interview makes so much sense. It would be hard for any leader to argue why they wouldn’t use some of the tools available. Click here to learn more about how to stop using gut-feel to hire high performers.


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